Future works

You can find a synopsis for each of my main works in progress here. More information about these works will be posted on my blog as they develop. Each of these novel ideas is expected to expand into their own individual series and I am looking forward to sharing these stories with you in the future.

Gods, Demons and Other Dilemmas

Sebastian Cole is not your average private detective. It isn’t common for an Englishman to set up shop in the heart of New Orleans. Even less common to be a practising witch who investigates the paranormal. Hauntings, exorcisms, demonic creatures. For Cole it’s just another day. But then one night a client brings him in touch with a young runaway named Jack.

Jack is not your average teenage girl. They’re not really a girl at all. For most of their life they’ve only had themselves to rely on and now they find themselves alone in a strange new city with a sinister force in pursuit, and a mysterious power emerging within.

As the two lives are brought together they must come to confront the realisation of an approaching eldritch horror as well as come to confront the demons of their own pasts as well.


In an alternate world where humans and werewolves coexist, centuries of hostilities were brought to an end when the Lycan packs sided with the allies during the Second World War. In return for their assistance the Lycans were offered lands on which to settle, independently ruled. In post-war London, the bombed out ruins of the Docklands became one of their homes. A ghetto that came to be known as Dogtown.

Even in times of peace, inclusion seemed impossible. Mistrust and racism were rampant. Lycans were given curfews, banned from living outside their settlements and only permitted work as unskilled labour. There were decades of violent action until the first steps for full integration began to take place.

It has now been six years since the Integration Act and, in good faith, a Lycan Investigation Department is now responsible for the prevention of related crimes. Its responsibilities have always been minor, but when a murder is reported of a volatile political icon it threatens to incite a possible race war and the fate of thousands of lives could rest on the shoulders of this single team.

The Princess and the Thief

Living with cancer is a scary experience for any child. So when Grace was first taken into hospital to start her treatment her grandmother gives her a gift from her childhood. A storybook, called The Princess and the Thief, that she had written from her time isolated with Polio. It was a story that had been told in her family many times over the decades but this particular book was the original, handwritten and still half empty. The familiar tale comforted Grace on the first night on the ward. What she did not expect was to wake up that night in the story itself.

She recognised the lands but the years had obviously passed. The kingdom had become neglected. Characters had become like strangers. Their tale had gone untold for so long and now a new threat was looming. On the horizon, a dark shard had begun to corrupt the land. Now it has become Grace’s story to continue, to journey across the kingdom, and to reunite the characters of her grandmother’s imagination to return the kingdom to safety.

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